At Totton College, we have a long history of providing a supportive and nurturing environment for learners with all abilities and ages.

We pride ourselves in treating students as valued individuals and recognising their needs and abilities to enable them to achieve their ambitions. Our team support students throughout their academic career, preparing them for higher levels of study or employment.

Our courses

We want our learners to achieve independence and the skills they need for the career, which they aspire to have. That is why our courses are designed with employability in mind, teaching the life skills required, in the context of the working environment. Covering a broad range of subjects, we offer courses in:

All our Skills for Life programmes are supported by trained and experienced lecturers and learning assistants. Delivered in a safe and nurturing environment, students are able to continue their education after leaving school.

How to apply

For those interested in applying for one of our courses, you can download our application form on our how to apply page or click the links above which will take you to our skills for life courses.

If you would like to find out more about our services and courses, or wish to have a consultation to discuss your requirements, please contact:

Carol Palmer
Faculty Manager
Tel: 023 8087 4874