If you enjoy working with people, our courses can help you turn this into part of a successful career. You’ll gain an understanding of business and customer-facing organisations. You’ll learn the personal skills and attributes essential for successful performance in the corporate and retail sectors.

Age groups

14+, 16-18, 19+

Full-time courses

Business Administration

Business Administration Apprenticeship Level 2


Business Administration Apprenticeship Level 3


Business Administration Apprenticeship Level 4


Customer Service

Customer Service Apprenticeship Level 2


Customer Service Apprenticeship Level 3



Management Apprenticeship Level 4



Team Leading

Team Leading Apprenticeship Level 2


Team Leading Apprenticeship Level 3



What will I learn?

Depending on the course, you’ll learn skills like:

  • handling phones and post
  • creating business documents
  • dealing with customers
  • handling complaints
  • doing business in a customer-friendly way
  • managing teams and people
  • supporting and developing a team
  • decisionmaking

What can I do next?

Good customer service applies to all businesses so there are lots of jobs where your qualification will be useful. You can apply for a job as a:

  • secretary or personal assistant
  • customer service representative
  • retail assistant
  • administrator
  • call centre representative
  • IT helpdesk assistant
  • supervising
  • manager