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Current apprenticeship vacancies   

Welcome to apprenticeship opportunities at Totton College! We work with employers all over the South, offering apprenticeships in diverse fields from business administration, to hairdressing, to education and Early Years. 

Updated weekly. Keep an eye on this space for the latest opportunities.

The application process 

Please click on the job vacancy title and you will be taken to an application form to register your interest. Please have your CV ready to send to us when we request it. Please include your contact details, your qualifications and exam grade results and highlight your hobbies or extracurricular activities. This is particularly crucial if you’re stepping into the workforce for the first time.

At a later date, you’ll need your Maths and English GCSE certificates* (or equivalent), National Insurance Number and a valid ID (like a driving licence, passport, or birth certificate).

*Maths and English assessments are to confirm current levels. We can put support in place to improve your grades during your apprenticeship if required.

Check out our latest apprenticeship vacancies and take the first step towards a career you’ll love.