This course is intended for people wishing to begin or develop a career as a Teaching Assistant, a Learning Support Assistant or Classroom Assistant. It will help you to find voluntary work or employment in a job that allows you work flexibly during term time. If you already work in a school, it will help you to understand your workplace better, develop your knowledge of the sector and improve your skills.

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Develop your knowledge across a range of topics that are central to schools today and develop your skills in supporting children’s learning.

Course content

You will study a range of ‘knowledge-based’ units that are crucial for understanding your role as a support worker in a school, such as:

  • Schools as Organisations – how different schools are organised and run
  • Safeguarding and Child Welfare – how to look after and protect the children in your care
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion – how to support children equally regardless of ability or background
  • Communication and Professional Relationships – effective communication with both children and adults
  • Child and Young Person Development – how children develop intellectually, emotionally and physically

You will also learn the skills of supporting children in their learning and how to develop your own career.

Some units are mandatory while others are optional, that is, you get to choose them in line with your interests.

How will I be assessed?

A portfolio of knowledge-based written assignments and skills-based work place assessments.


Entry requirements: 

  • Level 2 qualifications in English/literacy and maths/numeracy are desirable; if you do not have such qualifications, it is strongly recommended that you study for them at the same time as you will be supporting children with their academic skills
  • You will need to successfully sit an initial assessment in these basic skills before you can be accepted onto the course
  • A work placement in a school (voluntary or paid) is desirable at the start of the course but essential by Christmas

Enrichment opportunities:

We will notify you of opportunities that may arise.


Apart from a course fee, you will be expected to pay for stationery.

What can I do next?

  • This course can lead to a position in a school either voluntary or paid
  • You can progress to the Level 3 course which will allow you further support responsibilities in your school.
  • It can even be the first of three steps on the ladder to becoming qualified teacher if that is your ambition.

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