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This qualification is designed to support the development of prospective team leaders and managers knowledge and competence in managing individuals and teams and developing skills, including working with others, managing oneself, and coordinating the work of others.

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What will I learn?

You’ll learn a combination of theory and practical skills to demonstrate your understanding and competence in the workplace.

Examples of day-to-day activities

  • planning and monitoring work and giving feedback
  • briefing teams
  • supporting team members
  • resolving problems
  • project management
  • managing budgets
  • leading teams


How do I complete the course?

On most courses you’ll be assessed through assignments or a portfolio.

What qualification will I have?

Depending on which course you take, you’ll have an award or a certificate.

What can I do next?

On successful completion, you will be equipped to progress into a job in your chosen area. The apprenticeship employer will also give you a reference that shows your next employer that you’ve got the required skills. Sample jobs include:

  • Section manager
  • First line manager
  • Floor manager
  • Assistant manager
  • Trainee manager
  • Senior supervisor
  • Junior non-commissioned officer

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