Course starts: September 2020

Duration: One year

Age groups

16-18, 19+, Skills for life

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This course is designed for students aged 16-25 years (with or without an Education, Health and Care Plan), who have a learning difficulty or disability, including young people whose needs fall within the autistic spectrum.

The programme is tailored to meet your individual needs provides you with the educational, social, personal and independence skills you need for work. Students are able to get involved in a range of extra-curricular activities and local community projects and have the opportunity to do a week’s work experience. Students may have one-to-one support, or work in small groups with an allocated member of staff depending on individual needs. You’ll be supported throughout your college day, including at break and lunchtimes if required.

Entry requirements

At least Entry Level 1 or equivalent qualifications in English and maths.

What will I learn?

This programme is designed to meet the needs of students who may be new to a college/further education environment, and/or who require a high level of support to access their programme in a meaningful manner.

Students will largely be working at Entry Level 2 but may need support in some areas There’s be an emphasis on independent thinking and processing skills and increased autonomy, with a view to reducing any behaviours or anxiety that may hinder participation.

You will:

  • Develop confidence with money and saving
  • Enhance your social and communication skills
  • Learn new techniques for everyday living and negotiation

Work experience

You’ll be offered the chance to take part in a week’s work experience during the academic year.


  • Community inclusion
  • Using money
  • Developing road safety and travelling skills
  • Accessing community facilities
  • Healthy, happy and active sports
  • Drama
  • Gardening activities
  • Social participation: working with others
  • Peer negotiation, increased internal discipline skills and subsequent reduction of any behaviours that may affect participation
  • Mathematics using money, understanding time, recognising signs and symbols in the community
  • English reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Life Skills – meal preparation
  • Health and safety awareness, working with equipment safely
  • Internet safety, personal safety awareness and associated ICT Skills


You will be assessed through a combination of portfolio evidence, practical tasks and statements from teachers.

Enrichment opportunities

Extra-curricular activities and community projects are included.

Career and progression

You can progress onto Skills for Independence or an Employment Futures pathway.

Additional costs

Students are expected to make a contribution towards cooking, trips out into the community or any equipment that may be needed (approximately £50 to £100).

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