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If you’re looking to start your career in a professional setting, higher apprenticeships provide a more in-depth knowledge and support of roles such as office managers, administration team leaders, personal assistants or business development executives.

We work with employers to help young people gain the right skills through qualifications, apprenticeships and training programmes. These apprenticeships are for you if you want to progress into a job in business & administration. Potential roles include administration officer, office supervisor, personal assistant or secretary. This could involve a range of activities, from coordinating office resources, to managing a director’s diary or taking minutes at office meetings.

What will I learn?

Within the delivery of this apprenticeship you will be delivered:

Mandatory Units:

  • Manage and be accountable for own performance in a business environment
  • Evaluate and improve own performance in a business environment
  • Support the purpose and values of an organisation
  • Support sustainability in a business environment
  • Assess, manage and monitor risk in a business environment
  • Communicate in a business environment

You will also select a number of flexible units from the following:

  • Evaluate and solve business problems
  • Make decisions in a business environment
  • Negotiate in a business environment
  • Manage an office facility
  • Propose and design administrative services
  • Prepare, co-ordinate and monitor operational plans
  • Implement, monitor and maintain administrative services
  • Contribute to running a project
  • Manage a project
  • Plan and organise an event
  • Co-ordinate an event
  • Plan and organise meetings
  • Organise business travel or accommodation
  • Evaluate the organisation of business travel or accommodation
  • Chair meetings
  • Develop and deliver a presentation
  • Deliver, monitor and evaluate customer service to internal and external customers
  • Use customer service as a competitive tool
  • Monitor and solve customer service problems
  • Plan, organise and control customer service operations
  • Support the design and development of an information system
  • Monitor information systems
  • Analyse and data reporting
  • Design and develop an information system
  • Manage and evaluate an information system
  • Order products and services
  • Agree a budget
  • Prepare specifications for contracts
  • Manage budgets
  • Invite tenders and select contractors
  • Monitor and evaluate contracts
  • Contribute to innovation in a business environment
  • Plan change for a team
  • Plan change across teams
  • mplement, monitor and review change
  • Manage physical resources
  • Manage the environmental impact of work activities
  • Develop working relationships with colleagues and stakeholders
  • Provide leadership and direction for own area of responsibility
  • Support learning and development within own area of responsibility
  • Monitor and review business processes
  • Recruit staff in own area of responsibility

How will I learn?

In order to achieve this qualification within the 18-month timescale, a minimum of 30 working hours per week should be achieved.

The qualification may be lengthened should the working hours full below this.

This qualification is made up of a total of 53 credits.

20 credits make up the mandatory units.

Further 33 credits to be selected from the optional group.

You will be assessed by:-

Creating a portfolio of course work/ evidence reviewed by an assessor and qualified by an IQA. Observations made by an assessor

N.B – 20% of the training must be off the job training – Classification of elements included into the 20% off the job training  is available on request

Entry requirements

Ideally, the apprentice will have achieved grades 9 – 4 (A* – C) in Maths & English GCSE (or equivalent), however, we can provide support to obtain this level of qualification through functional skills training. If required, this will require additional college attendance.

Careers and progression

On completion there are a number of progression routes:

  • Level 2 Team Leading and Supervisor
  • Level 3 CMI Management

This qualification will also have transferable skills that can be used within other departments, such as:

  • HR
  • Finance
  • Recruitment
  • Marketing
  • Purchasing
  • Legal

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