Ryan Bishop has been successful in securing an apprenticeship with Southampton based company Hyphose Ltd following the progress he made last year at Totton College. Hyphose specialise in supplying hydraulic, pneumatic and industrial hose products to all industries including marine, construction, agricultural and are ISO 9001:2008 and MOD approved. The company have experienced 35 years of consistent growth and are recognised as an industry leader in the South of England. In April, Hyphose initiated discussions with the Business Development Team at Totton College to understand how an apprenticeship scheme could benefit the company. This relationship has culminated in the appointment of Totton College student, Ryan Bishop, as their first apprentice for the Southampton branch.

“I am very impressed with the organisation and professionalism that Totton College has displayed in finding the correct student for the position on the apprenticeship scheme and with the ongoing communication and support. Our intention is to train, encourage and guide Ryan so he can progress through the company learning new skills for our mutual benefit.” – Steve Grinter, Hyphose Managing Director.

During his time at Totton College Ryan made significant progress, advancing his Functional Skills Numeracy from Entry 2 to Entry 3 and Literacy from Entry 3 to Level 1. He also successful completed a Diploma in Vocational Studies, which enabled him to gain an understanding of various industry sectors and to develop a range of personal and employability skills essential for successful performance in working life.

“In the interview process Ryan came across as competent and very willing to learn new skills. What was also very nice to see was the way Ryan wanted to combine his apprenticeship with us at Hyphose with being part of a team unit at the Southampton depot.” – Gary Lacey, Hyphose Depot Manager.

Ryan’s enthusiasm in combination with his achievements in college resulted in him being offered the apprenticeship position only hours after his interview.

Phil Carpenter of Totton College’s Business Development Team, said: “I had the pleasure of informing Ryan of his success and was pleased to hear the delight in his acceptance of the offer.  Having worked with Hyphose over a number of months to identify the right person for the position, it’s fantastic that the successful candidate has progressed from within Totton College. Ryan asked me to express his thanks to all who helped him during his time at college and in gaining employment with Hyphose.”

Ryan’s teacher, Carol Palmer, added: “I am privileged to have supported and taught an excellent student like Ryan. During the time I taught Ryan I witnessed his tremendous growth and development. This development came not only in the area of academic achievement, but in maturity and character as well. At first, he had difficulty in settling into the course but soon, he learned to manage his time, work in group situations, work to deadlines and recognise the importance of a strong work ethic. I would recommend Ryan to any employer. He has made me proud, as his teacher and I am sure he will continue to grow, and develop through his apprenticeship and beyond.”

Ryan has now settled into employment with Hyphose and is progressing well with his apprenticeship.  The apprenticeship framework will allow him to continue his development and provide ongoing support in English and Maths alongside the vocational training that will be provided. Ryan has a promising future, continuing his education through an apprenticeship whilst earning a salary with a company that is committed to his personal and professional development.