Over the final month of term our Progress to Work and Employability Level 1 students have worked tirelessly during their enrichment sessions to produce a multimedia piece.


By nacro

Progress to Work decided to create a two song EP. Work began writing lyrics for the first song, which was decided to be about the class itself and its different members. Similarly, the second song was written about each class members favourite thing. Once song writing had finished, Progress to Work liaised with the music department who kindly shared their studio space so the project could be recorded. We were able to visit the studio twice to perform and record our songs. To complete the project artwork was drawn up for the album cover and our songs were burnt onto CD’s.

Employability Level 1 made the decision to record a music video. Firstly, a decision had to be made as to what song to choose for the music video, and it was decided Song 2 by Blur would be a good choice for its short length and high popularity. The class then began delegating roles to complete the music video, these included cameramen, directors, costume designers, writing and ideas, actors, and editors. Once roles had been assigned, the class then began to gather resources. The students were able to borrow camera equipment from the media department, and items for costumes from around the skills for life department. Whilst resources were being collated, directors and writers began mind mapping ideas for scenes of the music video, and actors began practicing their dance moves. We then were able to begin filming all over Totton college, dressed to the nines by our costume designer. After filming we split into two groups one dedicated to editing the footage together, and the other to begin designing the artwork for the DVD cover.

The students demonstrated fantastic teamwork skills, not only collaborating with each other, but also with separate departments of the college. I am very proud to be able to present to you the culmination of all their hard work.

Written by George Carter-Owen, Learning Support Assistant