By Totton College

in Education

Art and Design students at Totton College presented a colourful mural to the pupils at Calmore Infant School, during their assembly on Tuesday 21 June, as the school celebrated ‘art week’.

The brightly painted board depicts all of the most important things to the school children who fed in to the creative process by choosing themes and styles during initial discussions with the students.

The collaborative project formed part of the Art & Design Level 3 curriculum, giving students an experience of working to a creative brief set by a client.

Eye catching colours, smiling faces and references to the schools ‘learning hero’ characters were some of the requests by the children. A variety of 2D and 3D art pieces were created and are now displayed on walls and doors throughout the school.

Art teacher Clayton Lovell said:

“This has been a valuable learning experience for our students. They have worked to an external client led brief and produced a variety of interesting outcomes in both 2D and 3D which have been well received by the school”

The students, studying for their OCR Cambridge Technical Diploma in Art and Design were individually applauded for their efforts by the school children and their teachers who warmly thanked them for their artwork and for taking on-board their ideas.