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Music students rock Solent University’s 2019 Battle of the bands

Totton College level 3 Music students have taken part in the Solent Sound Battle of the Bands competition at Solent University and received a standing ovation for their song ‘Bulls on Parade by Rage Against The Machine’.

Playing against four other local colleges, Totton College students were the only band to receive  a standing ovation from the audience. Student band ‘Smashy Smashy Egg Man and The Implication of Danger’, made up of students from first and second-year level 3 Music, took the stage by storm with their evening performance.

The performance forms part of the enrichment activity available to Music students at Totton College as well as counting towards their final grade for their course.

Gareth McCarthy, Music teacher added: 

“Music at Totton College is more than just classroom learning. The students recently took part in Solent Sound Battle of the Bands which pitted the department band against other local colleges. All the bands did extremely well and our students delivered a performance full of energy and face melting metal. They got the crowd jumping and cheering and their performance was infectious. Smashy Smashy Egg Man and The Implication of Danger did exactly what their name suggests…smashed it!.”

Lead guitarist Jack William, Level 3 Music student said:

“Really good, enjoyed performing on the stage, and the vibe it gives you. The fact that it was a competition as well adds that competitiveness. The best things at Totton College is that I can be free with music in the rehearsing studio with the support from my teacher.”

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