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This year, our talented travel and tourism students were involved in supporting both the website redesign and relaunch of the newly restored, unique tourist attraction, The Eling Tide Mill Experience.

During the project, the Eling Experience worked with a number of local community groups, organisations and individuals. Totton College were approached to assist with the planning of a new website to promote the attraction.

Our travel and tourism students were asked to assistant with the development of a new website for The Eling Tide Mill Experience and jumped at the chance. The project enabled our students to gain valuable insight and understanding into the tourist industry. This involved students researching and planning the content for The Eling Tide Mill website, and then presenting their ideas on how to help enhance the user experience for visitors looking to learn more.

Speaking about the project, Kate Traves, travel and tourism teacher at Totton College, said:

“The students have really enjoyed the project. For visitor attractions, an inviting website is incredibly important. The students really took this on board and did their research to help create something that highlights both the recent refurbishment work and the mill’s heritage.”

Helen Robinson, experience manager at Eling Tide Mill Experience, added:

“It was great to work in partnership with Totton College to develop the website content. It is one of our main marketing tools and the students came up with lots of ideas and put a lot of hard work into this element of the project. We are really grateful of their support and look forward to working with them again in the future. We are already discussing possible work experience opportunities.”

Thank you to all at The Eling Tide Mill Experience for offering our students the opportunity to be involved in this amazing project.

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