We work with employers to help young people gain the right skills through qualifications, apprenticeships and training programmes. This apprenticeship is for young people who are looking for work in the warehousing industry. You can gain skills in a wide range of areas, including forklift truck driving, receiving and processing deliveries, order processing and customer deliveries.
~ Includes work experience ~

Age groups

16-18, 19+

What type of apprenticeship can I choose?


What will I learn?

You will learn all the skills necessary to get a job in a warehouse, as a forklift truck driver (age restrictions apply) or a driver’s mate. You will also develop your English, Maths and employability skills, as these are critical in moving into work.

  • safe manual handling
  • health and safety in the workplace
  • food hygiene
  • forklift truck license
  • English and maths qualifications

Much of the training will be undertaken on the job, supported by regular visits from a qualified assessor. This is a 12-18 month programme, with apprentices only attending college should they require Functional Skills (Maths, English & IT). The apprentice will then be assessed within the workplace every 4-6 weeks. Initial assessments will establish the current level of Functional Skills ability as well as identify any additional learning support to ensure each apprentice has the best opportunity to succeed.

What qualification will I have?

Depending on which course you take, you’ll have an award, a certificate or a diploma.

How do I complete the course?

The course will be achieved on the successful completion of the apprenticeship and the appropriate additional qualifications. Your employer will set out clear objectives, timescales and expectations with you.

12-18 month programme. The apprentice will be assessed in the workplace every 4-6 weeks.

After a first assessment, apprentices attend college if they require Functional Skills (Maths, English & IT).

What can I do next?

  • forklift truck driving
  • deliveries
  • order processing

On completion of the course, we will support you with your progression into a permanent job in your chosen industry area. The employer will also give you a reference that aids this and shows your new employer that you hold the required skills.

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