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Fancy finding out more about the courses at Totton College and the experiences of those that learn here? Or perhaps you would like to see examples of some of the varied and fantastic work made by individuals on our media course? From student profiles to mini documentaries, animations to music videos, our YouTube channel showcases videos that shine a light on the creativity and imagination of Totton’s media students.

Our media course is taught in our specialist media suite, and enables students to gain a broad knowledge of the digital media industry, including TV and film, animation, video game development and publishing design. The course is packed with practical opportunities, as seen in the videos on our YouTube, and our students are able to develop the skills needed to embark on a career in the creative media industries.

Below are some examples of videos create by our students, each very different in content and style but each a reflection of the hard-work and creativity of those that take this course. Find our more about our media course here.

To explore our videos and see further updates, subscribe to our YouTube channel here.