An apprenticeship is a job that allows you to earn money in your chosen sector, while gaining industry-recognised qualifications that will help you to progress in your career.

Apprenticeships are a great alternative to the traditional A-level route. They are designed for those who are keen to start their careers early in their preferred industry.

You can undertake an apprenticeship from Level 2 (Intermediate) right up to Level 7 (Higher). After you finish school it is likely you will enrol on a Level 2 or Level 3 apprenticeship. Upon completion you will then be able to progress to the higher levels through a degree apprenticeship.

More details about levels can be found here.

On average, those who achieve a level 2 apprenticeship earning around 11% more per year, and those completing a level 3 qualification could see their earning increase by 16% respectively.

Benefits of an Apprenticeship

Anyone who is a UK resident, aged 16 or over and not in full-time education can apply for an apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships are free for students, but your employer may need to make a contribution to the cost of the training element of the apprenticeship; this varies based on the size of the employer and the content and complexity of the learning.

Those who choose to undertake an apprenticeship will:

  • Earn money while you learn
  • Learn skills that will help you to progress in your chosen sector
  • Have better long-term salary prospects
  • Receive support from a mentor while you learn
  • Have the opportunity to network with prospective employers
  • Paid holiday leave

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