At Totton College, we place a high emphasis on employability skills and their importance within an increasingly competitive labour market. Employers are actively looking for people who are flexible, take the initiative and have the ability to undertake a variety of tasks in different environments. Employability skills are not as narrowly prescribed and defined as in the past and generally they are more ‘service oriented’, making information and social skills increasingly important.

Our careers programme within the college is an important aspect in shaping the lives of our learners. We support them to become more self-aware by focusing and developing the essential skill sets required and introduce them to established employer links.

The benefits of the Totton College career programme

We pride ourselves in having developed programmes which enable students to learn the transferable skills required for today’s workplace. Our ability in supporting students to determine which career path is best suited to them means we can help learners to:

  • Market themselves effectively
  • Identify their personal preferences, strengths and skills
  • Evidence and sell their unique qualities at an interview
  • Exposure to university and graduate recruitment processes.

Employer partnership at Totton College

At Totton College, we work with the local businesses and the wider community to ensure our students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a real working environment. In addition, employers gain the benefit of developing a better understanding of the ever changing landscape of education and qualifications available. We have worked closely with employers to enable:

  • Staff from companies to work in a supervisory role, who may not usually have the chance
  • Scope for finding future long-term employment with successful students
  • Raises your company reputation in the local area
  • Students may introduce new ideas and a fresh perspective
  • Provide feedback and coaching in order to help students to develop skills required in a particular job or sector
  • Help young people to develop their CV and build a vital network of contacts in industry
  • Opportunities to work with us for College events such as Conferences, Guest Speakers, Futures Day and Mock Interviews.

We already work with many employers within the Totton/Southampton/Hampshire area, enabling students to undertake work placements within the academic year. This could be one or two days a week throughout the academic year or one/two full-time weeks in designated weeks.

For more information, or to discover how you can offer a work placement within your business, please contact our Work Experience Officer, Pippa Smith on 023 8087 4874 or email

Totton College Career Programme

We deliver a broad range of activities designed for enhancing our students’ employability including Kudo career testing, work experience, industry presentations and more.

We enable students to:

  • Be better prepared for the working world
  • Have fun whilst learning
  • Maintain engagement with their programme
  • Learn to work cohesively with their peers
  • Enhance social skills.

For further details about our career programme, download our Totton College Career Programme.

We review this information annually at the end of each academic year.

Learn more about our Careers Programme

Jade Roots
Assistant Principal & Careers Lead
Call: 023 8087 4874