Happy Days Nursery

Happy Days is a nursery located on the Totton College Water Lane Campus site. We offer care and support for children aged between three months and five years old. 

As well as providing support for students and staff at the college who require childcare, we also provide nursery services to parents living or working in the local area. It is our approach to supporting your child through the most important stages of their developments which means that the majority of our business comes through our reputation.

We believe that children learn through the enjoyment of play and we actively promote equality, independence, decision making and fun throughout the day. Children are encouraged to care for themselves as well as other children, all supported by our qualified and trained professionals. 

We are monitored by Ofsted. In its last report about the nursery, it stated that:

  • 'Children are happy and settled in the welcoming environment which is decorated with samples of their own creative work'
  • 'Babies explore textures, shapes and sizes as they investigate objects in treasure baskets'
  • 'Children benefit from healthy snacks and meals that include a variety of fruit and vegetables'
  • 'Children have opportunities to use the well-resourced outside area which supports their physical development'